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For the Real Estate Pro!

Jiffydocs is a Timeshare Pro Plus + module and is geared to the real estate professional. With Jiffydocs, the sales professional can enter information about the transaction and, using their standard real estate documents as templates, prepare high quality, professional appearing real estate sales contracts

Safe & Secure Document Preparation!

JiffyDocs uses Secure SSL Encryption to ensure your transaction data is safe, thus allowing you to relax and focus on creating quality documents.

Prepare Quality Documents and Contracts!

Every attorney or real estate professional is well aware of the need for accuracy in preparing legal documents.  If the I's are not dotted or the T's not crossed in just the right way, legal problems can arise down the road.  JiffyDocs at was born out of a need to have letter perfect Contracts and required Documents ready at the click of a mouse, eliminating the need to create important papers from scratch.  The JiffyDocs templates allow the preparer to enter the personalized information of each transaction without having to resort to hard copies that are cumbersome and time consuming to work with.  It also allows for future corrections without having to redo entire documents.  The finished product is excellent quality that stands out from other Contracts or required Documents.  It also has the added benefit of easy re-access when there is a need to go back to finish or amend the "paperwork."

Simplify the Process with JiffyDocs!

Clients buying Timeshares are anxious to have the transactions completed as soon as possible.  JiffyDocs streamlines the process and eliminates the need for phone calls, FAX messages, or the delays caused by mail delivery.  Preparation of all necessary documents are completed in a fraction of the time it takes with tedious handling of manually prepared documents.  It allows professionals to upload their location specific document templates only once to be used over and over again without reloading every time.  In short, with JiffyDocs the whole process of putting together legal real estate documents and contracts simplifies the process.

Eco-Friendly Save Paper

Using the convenient processes of JiffyDocs eliminates the need for file cabinets filled with folders containing reams of paperwork.  To go back to a particular file only needs a file name and password brought up in seconds as opposed to digging for files that might have been accidentally put away in the wrong place.  As you will see, it is also more secure than keeping physical records in a file cabinet.  Time saving and slowing down deforestation is a satisfying combination. .

Secure Cloud Storage

The special encryption of JiffyDocs assures that all data entered into a client's file is far safer than having it under lock and key in file cabinets.  With our built-in security features the confidential data is preserved to a higher degree of safety than ever before.  Your filing cabinets in the Cloud are more secure than they would be anyplace else.

Save Time with JiffyDocs!

By eliminating the possibility of human error from Contract and legal Document forms, JiffyDocs presents uniformly high quality templates that only need to be carefully proofread one time.  Only individual data entered into the forms need to be double checked for accuracy.  With JiffyDocs more can be done in a day than was previously possible.

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